SINE TIMORE – “Fearless”

OUR MOTTO, Sine Timore, literally “without fear,” tells you that we will not be intimidated by the other side’s bullying and posturing. Whether we are dealing with a big insurance company, your employer, or a federal prosecutor, we will confidently stand up for your rights.

Our fearlessness combined with our extensive knowledge and experience give you peace of mind, knowing your legal matters are in excellent hands. We try cases based on our knowledge of the law, our keen analysis of the facts, and our advocacy skills. So fear not, our lawyers will represent you in the best possible manner, with confidence and integrity.

Leiser, Leiser & Hennessy, PLLC has a thriving practice in the areas of: Family Law; Divorce, Child Custody, Prenuptial, Wills and Estates, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Employment Law, Criminal Defense, Traffic Defense, DUI, Appellate Practice, Consumer & Contract Law, Business Litigation, Expungements, and a wide variety of other civil litigation.