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Virginia Civil Litigation Lawyers Fight for Your Rights

Serving clients throughout the North Virginia area

As highly experienced attorneys, we at The Leiser Law Firm aim to achieve the best results in the most timely and cost-efficient manner. When a dispute cannot be resolved amicably, the best option may be to try the case in court. Whether you are bringing suit or defending yourself in state or federal court, our team works diligently on your behalf. We scrutinize and examine every detail of your case and work tirelessly to get results for you.

What is civil litigation?

Criminal law focuses on penalizing individuals who break state and federal laws. Civil law, on the other hand, involves legal disputes between two or more parties in which one party seeks financial compensation. Many civil disputes, such as personal injury matters, are settled out of court.

Depending on the circumstances of your case and the level of evidence involved, your best interests may be served by entering into litigation. At The Leiser Law Firm, our legal team frequently fights in court for clients in Northern Virginia who require professional legal help with the following types of civil cases:

  • Civil commitment
  • Consumer law
  • Contract disputes
  • Insurance claims
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Victims’ rights

What is the civil litigation process?

The civil litigation process begins when one party files a complaint with the court. A copy of the complaint is also served to the defendant. In the complaint, the plaintiff explains the reasons for filing a claim against the defendant — what the person did or did not do and the damages the plaintiff suffered as a result. The defendant, in turn, has an opportunity to answer the complaint. Other basic steps in the civil litigation process include:

  • Discovery — Discovery is often lengthy and begins after the claim is filed. During the discovery process, information is sought by both parties through the use of interrogatories, requests for admissions and requests for other pertinent case materials. Depositions also take place during discovery.
  • Use of expert witnesses — Depending on the case, any number of professional expert witnesses may be consulted. For example, in a claim for a traumatic brain injury caused by a slip and fall in Virginia, a lawyer may rely on the testimony of a neurologist or brain specialist to bolster the case.
  • Motions — Prior to a trial, both parties may ask the court to rule or act in regard to the laws or facts of the case. For example, in a criminal law case, a defense lawyer may make a motion to suppress evidence obtained without probable cause.
  • Trial — If the plaintiff and the defendant cannot reach a settlement agreement, the case must be decided at trial.

In Virginia, the General District Court decides civil cases in which the amount in question does not exceed $25,000; the Circuit Court handles all other trial-level matters.

Choose an experienced team of civil litigation lawyers in Northern VA

If you need professional legal help with a civil matter in Virginia, we at The Leiser Law Firm can represent you with skill and passion. To find out if you qualify for a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys, call 703-734-5000 or contact us online.