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Family Law Attorneys Provide You with Sound Guidance

Assisting clients with divorce, custody and alimony matters in Northern Virginia

When people reach out for help with a family law matter, they are usually emotional and vulnerable. At The Leiser Law Firm we understand that serving our family law clients means providing more than by-the-numbers legal experience. You are not just another case number to us. We learn about you, support you and stand steadfastly by your side. Our attorneys encourage and guide you through what may be one of your most difficult challenges so that you can successfully move on with your life.


Our firm comprises skilled divorce litigators who fight passionately for your rights in McLean, and all of Northern Virginia. We are equally experienced in handling contested and uncontested divorce cases. To make sure we can advise our clients knowledgeably, our lawyers stay up to date on family laws in Virginia. Whether you are filing for or facing divorce, our legal team provides you with straightforward counsel about the strength of your case and your options moving forward.

Child custody

Many contested divorce proceedings revolve around child custody. When spouses cannot agree on who should have custody of their children, the court must intervene. Ultimately, the court acts in the best interests of the children. At The Leiser Law Firm, our lawyers represent clients in child custody disputes and hearings on a regular basis. We thoroughly understand how the process works and the issues the court considers when awarding custody in Virginia.

Child support

Child support is court-ordered payment from the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. The court considers many factors to determine the amount of child support that must be paid, including the gross monthly income of both parents and the number of children. In addition to fighting for clients involved in child support disputes, our attorneys help enforce child support orders.


Alimony, or spousal support, is court-ordered payment made from one spouse to another for a certain period of time. Many types of alimony may be sought in the commonwealth of Virginia, including temporary, rehabilitative, long term and lump sum alimony.


During the exciting — but complex — adoption process, our lawyers protect your rights and steer you away from legal pitfalls. We aim to assist you in making sure the adoption process goes smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Family abuse and protective orders

According to the Virginia Code, “Family abuse means any act involving violence, force, or threat that results in bodily injury or places one in reasonable apprehension of death, sexual assault, or bodily injury and that is committed by a person against such person’s family or household member.” If you are the victim of family abuse, our lawyers can help you obtain and fill out the necessary paperwork for a protective order.

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At The Leiser Law Firm we proudly provide family law clients with high quality, cost-effective legal counsel. Our office is centrally located in the heart of Tysons Corner, VA, with plenty of parking available. To schedule a consultation with a lawyer at our firm, call 703-734-5000 or contact us online today.