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Tysons Corner Attorneys Handle Wage and Overtime Disputes in Northern Virginia.

Representing employers and employees in complex employment law matters for more than a decade

Since 2000, we at The Leiser Law Firm have skillfully handled many wage and overtime disputes in Northern Virginia and elsewhere. Because we have represented employers and employees in these matters, we have developed comprehensive knowledge that enables us to resolve these disputes.  Our lawyers are proud to provide clients with quality legal service. Whether you are an employee and have not received the wages you are entitled to, or an employer facing a claim, our lawyers can represent you with skill and confidence.

What is the minimum wage in Virginia?

According to the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, as of September 1, 2014 the minimum wage in the state is $7.25. Employers must comply with federal minimum wage laws, which are also currently at $7.25. If an employer chooses to pay employees minimum wage, the employer must pay workers under whichever law has the higher amount, state or federal. If you encounter a minimum wage issue in Northern Virginia or D.C., our employment law attorneys can uphold your rights.

What are the specific overtime laws in Virginia?

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, most hourly employees who work more than 40 hours over seven consecutive days are entitled to an overtime pay rate. In addition to establishing a minimum wage, the Fair Labor Standards Act sets recordkeeping and youth employment standards. The overtime minimum wage in Virginia is $10.88 per hour, one and a half times the normal minimum wage of $7.25. Federal labor laws also qualify certain workers automatically for overtime if they work more than 40 hours in a single week. The following employees are exempt from federal overtime law:

  • Executive, administrative and professional employees who are paid on a salary basis
  • Outside salespeople
  • Certain computer specialists, including systems analysts, programmers and software engineers, who earn at least $27.63 per hour
  • Certain switchboard operators
  • Criminal investigators
  • Workers at seasonal amusement or recreational businesses
  • Independent contractors
  • Workers at organized camps or religious or nonprofit educational conference centers that operate for less than seven months per year
  • Certain small-newspaper employees
  • Newspaper deliverers
  • Workers engaged in fishing operations
  • Seamen
  • Workers on small farms
  • Volunteers

A common problem we encounter is employees who are misclassified as exempt or as independent contractors when, in fact, they are not. We can help you determine whether you’re entitled to overtime compensation and represent you in seeking it.

Consult with labor law attorneys who focus on preserving your rights

We at The Leiser Law Firm handle complex wage and overtime disputes, as well as other employment law issues. Our dedicated lawyers are able to review your case and provide you with sound advice and guidance until your matter is resolved. Call 703-734-5000 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.