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Family Law Attorneys Offering Experienced Help with the Adoption Process in Virginia

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Serving Northern Virginia, we at The Leiser Law Firm have a reputation for helping clients with all aspects of family law, including adoptions. Complicated adoption laws and requirements make trying to adopt a child without legal counsel to guide and protect you a very risky proposition. At our firm, we focus on providing you with the highest level of legal service. Skilled and compassionate, our lawyers help you sort through the full range of adoption issues.

How do I go about adopting a child in Virginia?

According to state law, adoption of a minor child begins by filing a petition in the circuit court in the county or city in which the adoptive parent lives, in the county or city in which the agency that placed the child is located or in the county or city in which the birth parent executed a consent pursuant to Virginia Code §63.2-1233.

At The Leiser Law Firm, we explain the law to you simply and clearly. We recognize that adopting a child is one of the most exciting and rewarding decisions you can make. Our family law attorneys review your circumstances and guide you through all the steps, from filing to obtaining a final order of adoption.

In addition, our lawyers assist clients with the following types of adoptions:

  • Agency placement adoptions — In cases where a child is in the care of a local department or child services agency, all parental rights are terminated and the agency is responsible for consenting to the child’s adoption.
  • Non-agency placement adoptions — In non-agency adoptions, the child is in the custody of a parent or guardian. Non-agency placement adoptions include stepparent adoptions, parental placement adoptions and adult adoptions.

What rights do the birth parents have after the child has been adopted?

The birth mother may choose the adoptive parents except when she has had her parental rights terminated as a result of abuse or neglect. Moreover, the adoptive mother has all legal rights until the child has been placed in adoptive care. Other rights birth parents have include:

  • The child’s mother has 25 days from the delivery of the baby to revoke her entrustment.
  • If the child is more than 25 days old, the birthmother has 15 days to revoke her entrustment.
  • In a parental placement adoption, after the child is 10 days old, birth parents have a 15-day period in which they can change their minds and revoke the entrustment, which must be done in writing.
  • Birth parents also have the right to revoke the entrustment any time before their child is placed with an adoptive family.
  • In parental placement adoptions, birth parents have the right to communicate directly with the adoptive parents.
  • If the adoption is confidential, communication may be conducted indirectly through the child-placing agency.

What are the expenses associated with adoption?

The cost of adoption in Virginia varies based on many factors. In a parental placement adoption, adoptive parents may be required to pay for the birth mother’s medical care (if she has no insurance) and a home study. Additionally, adoptive parents may have to pay the birth mother’s attorney fees and for a guardian ad litem. We at The Leiser Law Firm believe strongly in placing children with loving families. Our attorneys work closely with you to devise a cost-effective plan to help you adopt in Virginia.

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