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Legal Team Protects Whistleblowers in Northern Virginia.

Advocating on behalf of employees who report workplace fraud

Individuals who report employers who engage in unlawful or fraudulent behavior are known as whistleblowers. We at The Leiser Law Firm have stood up for the rights of whistleblowers in the Northern Virginia area for more than a decade. We understand that it takes a tremendous amount of courage to come forward. Our legal team works closely with you to ensure your rights are protected at all times. With in-depth knowledge regarding state and federal whistleblowing acts, our lawyers can explain the law to you in an easily accessible manner.

What is the legal definition of a whistleblower?

A whistleblower is a person who discloses illegal or dishonest information about an employer or business. Under the Whistleblower Act of 1989, whistleblowers are protected by the federal government against employer retaliation. This means that it is illegal for your employer to take action or threaten to take action against you because you intend to report an unlawful or fraudulent activity. Whistleblowers who file a claim under the False Claims Act may receive a percentage of the damages recovered.

At The Leiser Law Firm, our lawyers work diligently to uphold employee rights in Virginia. When you retain our services, we devise an effective plan of action for you and explain the various state and federal laws applying to your case.

What is the statute of limitations on a whistleblower claim?

Under the False Claims Act, the statute of limitations for an action under the FCA cannot be brought (a) more than six years after the date on which the false claim is made, or (b) more than three years after the date on which facts material to the cause of action are known or reasonably should have been known to the U.S. official charged with responsibility to act under the circumstances, but (c) in no event more than 10 years after the date on which the false claim was made by the alleged defendant.

The Fraud and Abuse Whistle Blower Protection Act

The State of Virginia has its own whistleblower law, The Fraud and Abuse Whistle Blower Protection Act. First created in 2009, the law offers employees state-level protections against employer retaliation. Under this law, whistleblowers are entitled to rewards for “blowing the whistle” in certain cases. We can assist you in finding out if you qualify and ensure that you are protected for exercising your rights.

Seek help from a Tysons Corner law firm that fights aggressively to protect your rights

Since 2000, we at The Leiser Law firm have worked tirelessly to assist clients in and around Northern Virginia. If you would like to discuss your whistleblower case with a skilled employment law attorney, call 703-734-5000 or contact us online.