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Litigation Attorneys Handling Civil and Criminal Appeals in Virginia

Also serving clients throughout North Virginia

The Leiser Law Firm handles appeals of decisions by various entities, ranging from administrative agencies such as the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) to Circuit Court judges. We have appealed to both the Court of Appeals and the Virginia Supreme Court as well as Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal in the 1st and 4th Circuits. Serving D.C. and Northern Virginia, our lawyers have successfully had decisions of trial judges overturned on appeal.

When should you appeal?

Appeals can be filed either during the case or after judgment is entered. Appeals filed during the case are called interlocutory appeals and are made from non-final judgments and decrees of the trial court. These interlocutory appeals are only available in certain instances; in most cases, appeals must wait until the trial portion of a case has concluded. Our firm has extensive experience assisting clients with both state appeals and federal appeals. If you disagree with the court’s decision or if your original counsel proved incompetent, our lawyers at The Leiser Law Firm are ready to represent you with the utmost competence and skill. Our attorneys have many years of experience fighting for clients in civil and criminal matters.

What are the grounds for appealing?

The grounds for appeal depend on whether your case is a civil matter or a criminal matter and in which court it originated. Generally, you must demonstrate that there was a procedural or substantive legal error in the lower court’s judgment or order. Some of the grounds for filing a civil appeal include:

  • Due process errors
  • Consideration of inadmissible evidence
  • Misinterpretation of statute or regulations

Common grounds for filing a criminal appeal include:

  • Legal error
  • Ineffective or incompetent counsel

What is the success rate for appeals?

Though not always possible, cases are best resolved in trial court. The success rate for appeals is relatively low. In fact, according to statistics for criminal appeals in Virginia for the year 2011, 1,931 petitions were filed with the Court of Appeals. Of those petitions, 1,847 were refused or dismissed and only 177 were granted. Clearly, the success of your case hinges on retaining experienced and competent counsel.

Consult with skilled Virginia lawyers who assist clients with state and federal appeals

The Leiser Law Firm is dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive legal support for a wide range of issues. If you require experienced help appealing a state or federal court decision, contact our firm today online or call 703-734-5000 to discuss your case with one of our skilled attorneys.