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Below, you will find some links that may be helpful to you should you decide to conduct some preliminary legal research.

We have provided links to all of the various courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Rules governing procedure in each court. We have provided similar links for the United States Supreme Court, whose precedents govern all of the federal courts in Virginia. We have also provided links to the Virginia and United States Constitutions as well as to the Virginia Code—the statutes that govern individuals and businesses located within or otherwise subject to the jurisdiction of Virginia state courts. Should you wish to read a particular statute (for example, a statute that you have been charged under in an arrest warrant), you can access it easily here. Additionally, we have provided links to Virginia law schools, whose librarians may be of assistance in locating documents that you might find useful.

Please keep in mind that when you are in the middle of a legal battle, particularly if the matter is pending in court, it is not the time to try to take a “crash course” on how to be a lawyer. You need the advice of a trained professional who has handled similar matters in the past and who is familiar with courtroom procedure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 703-734-5000 to make an appointment to speak with one of our lawyers who can assist you with your legal matter.

Virginia Judiciary

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Virginia Law Schools

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