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Northern Virginia Lawyers Handle False Claims Act Cases

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Being accused of defrauding the federal government is a serious matter. If you face false claim charges, we at The Leiser Law Firm can fight aggressively to protect your rights. Since 2000, our legal team has worked tirelessly to defend clients in and around McLean, VA. In addition to an in-depth understanding of the False Claims Act, our lawyers have substantial litigation experience.

What is the False Claims Act (Qui Tam action)?

The False Claims Act (FCA) imposes liability on parties who defraud the government. Companies who submit false or fraudulent claims for payment face severe penalties. The qui tam provision under the act allows non-government-related individuals to file an action against an employer on behalf of themselves and the government. In fact, whistleblowers can expect to receive anywhere from 15 percent to 25 percent of the damages recovered under the Act.

What elements must the government prove for a false claim?

The prosecution in False Claims Act cases faces a high burden of proof. To obtain a conviction, the prosecution must prove the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • A claim for money was made to a department or government agency (for example, Medicare or Medicaid)
  • Your claim was false, fictitious or fraudulent.
  • At the time of making the claim, the claimant was aware that it was false, fictitious, or fraudulent.

Note that a mere untrue statement is not enough to trigger action under the False Claims Act.

Statute of limitations

According to 31 U.S.C. § 3731(b), the statute of limitations for an action under the FCA cannot be brought (a) more than six years after the date on which the false claim is made, or (b) more than three years after the date on which facts material to the cause of action are known or reasonably should have been known to the U.S. official charged with responsibility to act under the circumstances, but (c) in no event more than 10 years after the date on which the false claim was allegedly made by the defendant.

Obtain counsel to prosecute a qui tam action or to defend against such an action

At The Leiser Law Firm we are proud to provide our clients with effective false claims representation. To find out how our skilled legal team can help you, call 703-734-5000 or contact us online. We are centrally located in the heart of Tysons Corner, Virginia, with plenty of free parking available.