Phillip B. Leiser

After serving as an officer for five years in the United States Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion and Engineering Program aboard the guided missile cruiser, USS Long Beach, Phillip began his legal career at the Washington, D.C., law firm of Shaw Pittman, where he worked in the nuclear regulatory field. After two years, Phillip ventured out on his own and began to build his own practice in Northern Virginia as a trial attorney. In 2000 he created the law firm of Leiser & Associates, PLLC, which has grown into the present firm. Mr. Leiser has handled numerous complex litigation cases, including jury trials, and has argued his clients’ cases before various trial courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as the Virginia Court of Appeals and the Virginia Supreme Court. Phillip has a knack for finding creative solutions to his client’s problems, such as in the case when he named a deceased man as a defendant in order to place into evidence tape recorded admissions he had made that also implicated a co-defendant, the real target of the lawsuit.

Karen A. Leiser

Karen started her legal career as a staff attorney at Legal Services of Northern Virginia (LSNV) from 1997 to 2002, where she worked in the areas of housing and family law. She served as the Managing Attorney for the Fairfax branch of Legal Services from October 2000 through July 2002. She joined her husband’s law firm in 2002, as his Managing Attorney, where she has continued her practice in the areas of family law, landlord and tenant, and branched out into handling cases in other areas, including criminal and traffic defense and personal injury. Ms. Leiser has successfully argued cases before juries and on appeal to the Virginia Court of Appeals and has also presented cases before the Virginia Supreme Court. In one case, after the trial court refused to award her client any retirement benefits, Karen was able to convince the Virginia Court of Appeals to reverse the trial court’s ruling, and thereby obtained a significant portion of the husband’s retirement benefits for his wife of 27 years, after the husband stopped working early due to a disability.

Thomas F. Hennessy

Mr. Hennessy worked at other law firms for six years and then maintained his own practice for another twelve years before joining forces with the Leisers to form Leiser, Leiser & Hennessy, PLLC. Tom has represented clients in all areas of civil and criminal litigation, including appellate law. He has handled hundreds of cases, an estimated 200 trials, including jury trials, as well as contested motions, and arguments before the Virginia Court of Appeals and the Virginia Supreme Court. Most notably, he prevailed on a case for 365 employees of a ship-repair company who were denied their paychecks for work performed, although the employer had received the money through a federal contract. Tom was able to successfully sue the bank where the funds were being held in order to recover the unpaid wages. In another case, Tom appealed to the Virginia Court of Appeals and obtained an award of back spousal support for a client in excess of $143,000: http://www.courts.state.va.us/opinions/opncavwp/1809053.pdf.

Jeffrey S. Saradar

Mr. Saradar opened his own practice straight out of law school, which he ran as a solo practitioner for six years before joining the LLH team. He has handled a variety of civil and criminal litigation, including a number of jury trials, divorces, custody disputes, personal injury, landlord/tenant, and criminal defense, and has appeared in numerous state and federal courts, as well as on appeals to the Virginia Supreme Court and Virginia Court of Appeals. In his only “death penalty” case, he was able to have the life of his client’s dog spared, after he proved it was a case of mistaken identity and another dog had killed the chickens. Jeffrey was honored with a number of scholarships in school, including a Merit Scholarship and Siegfried Scholarship at William and Mary and the Presidential Merit Scholarship at Washington and Jefferson College, which he received for eight semesters, as well as making the Dean’s List numerous times.

Administrative Management

Audrey Medina, Office Manager

Ms. Medina keeps all administrative aspects of our firm running smoothly, from client files to billing to bookkeeping to supervising our support staff. Audrey joined the LLH team in 2004 after working previously in the real estate industry, processing vendor account payments for a corporation in California and then as an engineering secretary. While a military wife, Audrey worked as a substitute teacher in the DODEA school system.